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You’ve just met tanned teen Tiffany Watson at the nightclub bar and, due to the combination of her long golden blonde hair and beautiful eyes, you’ve instantly fallen for her.

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This hot teen could be amazing girlfriend material, but you don’t have the patients to take her on a number of dates, in the hope of eventually getting her in bed. No, you want to see what’s underneath that tight pink dress tonight!

So taking a risk, you follow Tiffany into the women’s bathroom, where you make it clear you want to fuck her right away. This cute babe is understandably a bit surprised at first, but feeling horny herself, she soon goes along with the idea. The little slut quickly squats down to give you a blowjob, then slips off her dress to reveal her naked perfect body. It’s at this point that you realise this girls beautiful face and hair was just a sneak preview of how hot she truly is. To experience some of the best VR sex you’ve ever known, simply download or stream Tiffany Watson’s full length ‘Bathroom Slut’ video now from BaDoinkVR. Virtual reality porn doesn’t get hotter than this!