One of the biggest thrills in VR porn is being seduced by a super sexy actress, who knows just how to turn you on. There are of course many ways for a female pornstar to get you hard in virtual reality, but the best girls can do it before even taking any clothes off.

A common theme we see amongst ladies who have this skill is the subtle use of their voice and eye contact. But who’s the best? Who are the top 5 most seductive VR porn stars?

No doubt you’ll have some names you’d like to add to this list, but after watching hundreds and hundreds of XXX virtual reality videos, these are the five pornstars we find most seductive:

Number 5: Dani Jensen is possibly the best cougar VR porn actresses in the industry right now. This full bodied redhead has an air of experience and temptation about her. Dani’s also a master at teasing you to the point where you simply must have her naked and working your dick.

Number 4: Petite stunner Jaye Summers allure mainly revolves around her pure sexiness, cute face and sweet demeanour. Just being in this girl company in 3D virtual reality will soon have you in the mood to fuck.

Number 3: Cutie Alex Blake may have a different, less direct style of making you horny to some of the other women on this countdown, but it’s amazingly effective. If a coy cutie is your preferred method of flirtation, Alex is your girl.

Number 2: Natural big tits Italian Valentina Nappi. This busty brunettes accent alone is so seductive, a simple whisper in your ear on its own is enough to give you a semi. You’ll be like putty in the hands of this curvy, big booty babe.

Number 1: Perhaps appearing to be a sightly obscure choice to some, we’ve given the top spot to small tits, Czech Republic cutie Kristy Black. Despite English not being her native language, this stunning brunette knows just how to speak to you in VR and always makes great, prolonged eye contact, which is almost always accompanied by her trademark sexy smile. Oh and she also happens to look incredible naked!