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Play a High-End Gigolo and Get Paid to Fuck Aidra Fox

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In this ‘Money Well Spent’ virtual reality porno from BaDoinkVR, you play a high-end gigolo who’s worked his way to the top of his profession. Not long ago you were busy fucking horny cougars in cheap hotels for barely a hundred dollars a time, but these days you’re in big demand with the ladies and can command far higher fees. Today’s customer is gorgeous brunette Aidra Fox, a lady who knows your value. Stumping up a cool 10 grand to get in bed with you, this American beauty intends on getting her full money’s worth.

Fuck Hot Brunette Aidra Fox in Full VR – BaDoinkVR

As Aidra climbs on top and begins teasing you by fingering her asshole and tasting your dick, you can’t help but feel it should be you paying her for this sexual encounter. But if there’s one thing better than having sex with a stunning woman with perfect boobs and ass like Miss Fox, it’s getting paid big bucks to do it. Visit BaDoink to watch the full length Money Well Spent scene and show Aidra what makes you such a sought after gigolo!