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Fuck Singers Anya Ivy & Jenna J Ross in Recording Studio – WankzVR

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Singer Anna Ivy has just finished laying down her vocals in your recording studio and is very pleased with the beats you’ve added to the song. This stunning black girl has heard that as a top music producer, you’re able to really give a boost to the careers of new, up and coming female artists like herself, providing they’re willing to provide some special sexual favors first. Anna goes ahead and takes off her top to show you her amazing natural big tits. But just as she’s really getting into the striptease, the pair of you are interrupted by rival singer Jenna J Ross, who’s session you postponed to fit Anna in.

Jenna is initially not impressed at what she sees, but jealousy soon kicks in and this petite white girl joins in with the stripping. Before you know it, you’re in the middle of an incredible interracial threesome, where each of these hot babes is keen to impress and get ahead in the music business. Put your position of power and influence to an alternative use by having Anya Ivy and Jenna J Ross get naked and compete for your favor in this XXX VR porn threesome, which is available to watch in its full 57 minutes glory at WankzVR.